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Over the past few years, many folks have asked...no, begged me to do a live seminar on how to buy probate real estate. I considered doing it, ran the numbers and everything...

...and then came up with something even better than a live seminar.

I invited a professional camera crew to follow me through and record every single step of an actual probate transaction. I then had the entire transaction placed on a four-DVD set, just for you.

This is more than you'll ever get at a live seminar.

To get the full scoop on my "Seminar-In-A-Box," watch this video now:

Like what you see?

The best part is, if you invest in the 31 Days to Profit in Probate Real Estate DVD Series right now, I will include a FREE copy of the original book - both the hard copy and the instant download.

This is all in addition to receiving (in hard copy, instant download, and audio format) my second book, Make A Flippin' Fortune! This guerrilla guide to real estate investing, containing my simple methods for purchasing Real Estate with little, or in some cases none, of your own money, is perfect for the new investor who does not have a lot of cash available but has found a property to buy.

This sounds incredible, Ron!
What will this all cost me?

The total value of this package - the 31 Days to Profit in Probate Real Estate DVD Series and Book, and the Make A Flippin' Fortune! book, e-book, and audio -- is $936.90. That's $797 for the entire DVD series, and $69.95 for each of the two books.

However, if you order right now, your total investment will be just $297.00!

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YES Ron, I'm ready! I want to learn from you, and follow you step-by-step through an actual succesful probate real estate transaction. Please send me the DVD series, both books, and all the bonuses now!

Thanks for the offer, but for now, all I need is the Make A Flippin' Fortune! e-book. I understand this is a limited time offer that can end at any time. Click Here to Order Now!

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